Even Apple Can't Make the Internet of Things Tolerable

Perfect rundown of the dumpster fire known as the "smart home" product category, and Apple's feeble attempt to bring some sanity to it:

Things get weirder once you’re set up with all your devices in the Apple Home app. I was lured into HomeKit by the promise of one app to rule them all — which it is, to an extent — but the Home app gives all of your light bulbs, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, and whatever else you have connected the same amount of precedence in the interface. After you’ve added a thermostat, a lock, some light bulbs, a doorbell, sensors, and maybe a security camera, the Home app displays a bunch of buttons that are all the same size and shape, some of which are actionable and others which are simply informing you it’s 70 percent humidity right now. The default Home app, which comes preinstalled on every iPhone, ends up being a useless sea of icons that’s difficult to navigate or search — there’s no way to hide devices, and even useless items like the Philips Hue Bridge, which does nothing more than connect your widgets to the internet, shows up as a button. There are third-party app alternatives which can tap into the standard underneath, but they’re limited in what Apple allows them to do.

The @internetofshit Twitter account is great too.