Facebook’s Privacy Problem with Parents

Dave Carroll on Facebook's draconian procedure for opting your own children out of their advertising and data-collection programs, which requires the involvement of a notary public :

The other day I was doing some research and decided to read through Facebook’s latest data policy on my iPhone paying special attention to how they are trying to make this information more approachable to users with easy-reading words and happy-color illustrations. I was especially curious about how they address and attempt to serve privacy-conscious parents like me. I worry about worst-case scenarios. When my daughter is old enough to be on Facebook, how will the company learn about my family’s secrets before I do? What happens if ads that incriminate her appear on the feeds of people we know?
Apparently, I am one of the first people on Earth to carefully inspect the latest Facebook data policy because I found several broken links, blank page dead-ends, and the most astonishing form I have ever come across as a parent. I promptly tweeted it. It immediately went viral in collective disbelief and general outrage.

Just wait for the tone-deaf response and mockery from a Facebook employee.