Warm Takes on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4

Justin Searls gives his impressions after trying the Surface Pro 4:

I walked into this experiment with a strong and clear bias. I am currently, happily entrenched in Apple’s ecosystem and my recollection of being a Windows user is generally negative. Nothing, so far, nothing has challenged that bias. It’s possible that—and this might be especially true for folks who’ve never strayed from the Microsoft ecosystem—things have been improving dramatically in Windows-land lately, and so the relativistic impression for longtime Windows users may well be that things are great, but I sadly can’t confirm that report.
To my (literally, due to strain) tired eyes, it feels like Microsoft is just barely treading water to stay current with the web, mobile, and touch revolutions that they successively missed the boat on. I don’t get the sense that Windows or the Surface represents an understanding of why its platforms faltered in the past nor does it seem to chart a bold direction towards a clear future. The best thing Windows 10 has going for it is that Microsoft has concluded it’s dominance is not vital to their financial success. If there is a creed among the Windows team, one can only assume it is, “be all things to all people.” A lofty goal, but one which also dooms it to mediocrity. Windows would only be my choice for a task barring a complete lack of alternatives.