Xerox Copiers Randomly Alter Numbers in Documents

David Kriesel has discovered a huge bug in certain Xerox WorkCentre devices which causes them to randomly change numbers in scanned or copied documents:

We got aware of the problem by scanning some construction plan last Wednesday and printing it again. Construction problems contain a boxed square meter number per room. Now in some rooms, we found beautifully lay-outed, but utterly wrong square meter numbers. You really have to read the numbers to find out; this is why it is so hard to find out. In the present case, we found out because one room in the construction plan was – as the copy told us – about 22 square meters large, whereas the next room, a lot larger, was assigned a label with 14 square meters.

If you have a Xerox machine in your office, you need to read this and contact your printer vendor as soon as possible.