iOS 9 Released

Apple's releasing iOS 9 today, chock full of new bells and whistles. Here are the golden rules for any major software updates:

  1. If you have a personal iPhone or iPad that you don't use for work, feel free to upgrade immediately.
  2. If you use your iPhone or iPad for work, wait. I know it's tempting to make that red (1) badge on the Settings app disappear, but wait. There are always some bugs in a major release like this, and you will be up the proverbial creek if they happen to impair your ability to be productive with your devices. Business users should wait until the next "dot release", or incremental update, which will fix most of the issues that crop up.

Also, the OTA (over the air) update will require over 1GB of free space on your device, which many people don't have due to photos, videos, music, etc taking up a lot of storage. If that's the case, go the old school route: plug your device into your PC or Mac, and update through iTunes.