1Password for Teams

Until last month, we had been longtime LastPass for Enterprise customers, and we had deployed it several times for clients as well. LastPass had always been the most indispensable tool in our arsenal. Then they announced that they'd been acquired by one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with, LogMeIn, Inc.

We quickly migrated to a shared 1Password vault - not ideal, but a comparable experience for just two people. Thankfully, the good folks at 1Password have been working on a dedicated product for teams, which they announced today:

Many of you already use 1Password with your friends, family and coworkers. So it’s hard to believe that when we first released 1Password nearly 10 years ago, there wasn’t even a way to share a vault with someone else!
Over the years we added features oriented towards teams, such as vault sharing. Thanks to these features and more, many companies are happily using 1Password today, including NASA, Basecamp, and Atlassian.
But a lot of you asked us for more: more control, easier deployment of vaults, and a simpler signup and billing process. We now have an answer for you, and best of all, it meets the privacy and security standards you expect from 1Password.

Really looking forward to trying this out.