Walt Mossberg's Apple TV Review

Walt Mossberg, writing for The Verge:

And, as good as Siri has become, it feels limited on this device. It needs to work on all or most of the apps, not a few. It doesn’t even work in the Apple Music app. And it’s odd that it can’t handle all the queries that it can on an iPhone, or speak to you.

I don’t know when, if ever, Apple will reinvent TV. But this isn’t the moment. I can say that, if I were buying a streaming box right now, this is the one I’d buy, if only for the promise of lots of apps.

Mossberg hits the same points as just about every other reviewer so far. Huge potential, but hamstrung initially by a lack of content sources and a few shortcomings that can be addressed in software updates. Reminds me of the criticisms of the first iPhone (no 3rd party apps, no 3G data).