Chattanooga boosts citywide broadband capacity to 10 gigabits

Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Chattanooga's EPB, which created America's first "Gig city" five years ago with its citywide gigabit (1,000 Mbps) Internet service, is taking ultra-fast broadband connections to an even higher level with the addition of 10 Gig service throughout Chattanooga.
The city-owned utility announced today that it is now offering 10 gigabit broadband to any of EPB's 170,000 customers. The 10 Gig service will be offered to any residential customer for $299 per month, compared with the $69.99 for EPB's current single gig service.
EPB boasts that its new 10 Gig service, like its other broadband options, is available anywhere in its service region and does not have an installation fee and doesn't require a contract.

What does $70 per month get you here in Charlotte? AT&T U-Verse at 24 megs, if you're lucky.

It's telling that Chattanooga has to offer municipal broadband at all. Prices for just about everything in tech have dropped over the last two decades, except...wait for it...:

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks prices for broad categories of goods over time. As this chart of prices for the last 18 years shows, prices have dropped dramatically in almost every tech sector. The drop in computer hardware is particularly steep.
The one exception? Cable, satellite TV, and radio service.

Meanwhile, the DOJ is busy dropping the hammer on Apple for daring to compete with Amazon's 80% market share in e-books.